The rest of the crew are thought to have been carried down with

I use the term “funny” for Ali and Borat. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t actually GET the new character Bruno, to be honest if I didn’t know it was part of the Ali G show I would have assumed it was some sort of fashion show from Living TV. Give it up Ali, watching Ali churn out the same jokes is like watching my dad trying to dance the macarena.

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pandora jewelry It is possible that Captain Hare thought the navy training vessel could weather the storm, but The Eurydice went down fast.The frigate was blown to face south east and was toppled onto its starboard side, where the sea apparently entered through her still open gun ports.There was no time to launch any lifeboats and most of the crew were below deck. Ventnor residents are thought to have been standing on the cliffs dumbstruck at the scale of the accident, which would never have been expected on such a calm day.In less than 10 minutes the squall had passed, the wind had died down but all that could be seen of the Eurydice was ‘the masts and top hampers [upper sails and rigging] showing above the water just about two miles off the island’.When the blizzard ended, the schooner Emma returned to pick up survivors. Of the five she rescued from the waters, only two, Sydney Fletcher and Benjamin Cuddiford, survived by the time they reached Ventnor Cottage Hospital.One of the two survivors stated that Captain Hare ordered the sails to be taken in, yet it was impossible to obey the order in the storm when the snow was so thick that it was impossible to see.The rest of the crew are thought to have been carried down with the ship dying of exposure in the freezing waters.The loss of HMS Eurydice has never been satisfactorily explained.One of the witnesses to the disaster was a young Winston Churchill, who was living at Ventnor with his family at the time.After the sinkingThe wreck was refloated later the following September and returned to Portsmouth Dockyard, but had been so badly damaged underwater that she was broken up.The ship’s bell is preserved in St pandora jewelry.

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