Arriving at the house, they decided to go around the back after

Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailHalloween is a time when we dress up as ghosts and goblins and tell mythical horror tales.But not every horror story from Halloween is made up.Here we give you eight true life stories which happened around the spooky annual event.1) A nine year old dressed in a Halloween costume was accidentally shot by a relative who thought she was a skunk.The girl was stood outside her Pennsylvania home during a party when the incident happened.Police said the girl was wearing a black costume and a black hat with a white tassel.A male relative apparently mistook her for a skunk and fired a shotgun replica oakleys, hitting her in the shoulder, arm, back and neck.She was rushed to hospital following the incident at Halloween last year.What is the meaning of Halloween, All Souls Day and All Saints Day?2) Ronald Clark O’Bryan was executed in the US after killing his eight year old son Timothy by poisoning candy with cyanide on Halloween night in 1974.The father, from Pasadena, Texas, had taken out a huge life insurance policy on his two children. He gave the poison candy to his son and daughter but also to four other children.Only Timothy ingested the candy and died. O’Bryan was executed on in March 1984.3) 16 year old foreign exchange student Yoshihiro Hattori was shot and killed when he attempted to visit a Halloween party in 1992.Yoshihiro was with his fellow exchange student Webb Haymaker when they attempted to get into the house party in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.Arriving at the house, they decided to go around the back after receiving no response.But Webb was horrified to discover that Yoshihiro was shot dead by the home’s owner, Rodney Peairs, who thought the students were burglars.4) When locals in Frederica, Delaware saw a body hanging from a tree during Halloween in 2005 they assumed it was a scary decoration.Sadly, they couldn’t have been more wrong.It was actually the body of a 42 year old woman.

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