Whilst KISS is designed to take any type of 16mm polypipe drip

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Replica Celine He has always been concerned with agricultural irrigation.Atholl’s wanted get water to the root zone of whatever crop was being grown, with the least waste possible, so he designed the The KISSS (Capillary Irrigation Sub Surface) System is an underground irrigation system that uses a drip line, polyester geotextile (woven), and polyethylenes (a plastic), to spread the water under soil further and more efficiently than any other drip system, by allowing the soil to take up the water at the correct rate to minimise water loss. The inventors claim the KISSS save 30 percent more water than conventional drip line systems.The millions of absorption points along the system enables the roots to take the maximum nutrient loading from the soil, instead of relying on single point emissions. Whilst KISS is designed to take any type of 16mm polypipe drip line, it achieves its best results when incorporating particular drip lines. Replica Celine

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