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Curious Animals Rescued

Published on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 by

Some animals endanger their lives and health just because of being too curious. That’s when only people come to help.

A dog with its head stuck in a clay jug. Playing at the backyard, Scarlett accidentally put her head into the jug. All attempts to get free failed until people came to rescue her.

A dog called Daisy at the house windowsill in Chelmsford, Essex. Rescued by firefighters.

A six-week old fox-cub stuck in an old brake disc.

A cat named Casper somehow stuck in a wheel in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

The firefighters rescued a pig stuck in a gutterway not far from River Hamble, Hampshire.

This 1,5 year old husky boy called Keanu accidentally stuck in a hedge hole, Whitchurch, Hampshire.

This curious cow got stuck in a washing machine cylinder in St Columb of Cornwell.

In Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, a cat was found strolling down the street with a glass jar on his head and a mouse almost on his nose.

A dog named Moses Chan got stuck in a cat passage way in Hertfordshire.

A cow is being lifted after it decided to jump over the wall and as a result got stuck between the garage and the outer building wall.


6 Responses
    • None of those animals would have been trapped if humans didn’t exist. Humans may have rescued them, but humans put those animals there by creating all of the places or objects in which the animals are trapped. The animals are cute and should be praised for their curiosity. Humans should be reviled for creating things that can endanger other living things just by being there.

      • Hey Mike, why don’t you kill yourself then?

      • While I agree with the sentiment that it’s the human waste that’s the problem, I must point out that many of those animals WOULDN’T EXIST if not for humans. Dog breeds are a result of humans, cow breeds are also a result of humans, urban foxes live where humans live and thrive *because of* some of our waste, and if not for humans there wouldn’t be nearly as many, if any, cats around as their primary purpose is as pets.

        Not everything is as black and white as you’d make it.

      • I totally agree with you, 100%. Hurrdurr, you really need to shut your mouth, and realize how terrible people really are.

        • … How do you go through every day feeling that the simple fact of your existence is a crime against the planet?

          I don’t understand how that works.

    • Why do u all complain so much?

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