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Incredibly Lucky Baby Bunny

Published on Thursday, October 14, 2010 by

I was cutting the grass in the back yard last year, when I saw something dart under the mower deck. This little guy was what I found after stopping the mower.

I checked him out, tickled his feet and belly, and he seemed to be okay. He had a cut above his eye, though, so I took him to the county’s pet facility. They said they’d take care of him.

He’s really quite fortunate, because I didn’t cut the backyard grass for the duration of summer, so the grass was very tall (upwards of a foot in some places), and it bedded down on top of him, and acted as protection. Due to the length of the grass, I was forced to cut in two passes, one with the wheels off the ground, and then one level cut. The little guy went un-noticed for the first pass.

I’m sure he needed the luck of both his little bunny feet.



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