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Stray Dog saved baby’s life

Published on Friday, October 15, 2010 by

A dog saved an abandoned baby’s life in Kenya after finding the little girl in woodland outside Nairobi. Residents say the dog must have carried the child across a busy road and through a barbed wire fence.

The dog found the two-week-old baby, wrapped in a dirty cloth, and brought it back to its own litter.

A group of boys playing near the dog’s puppies heard crying and told their mother. She was shocked to find the little girl nestled among the puppies. The baby was taken to hospital with a suspected infection and fever. Doctors think the baby, who is being called Angel, was left for two days before being discovered.

The case is receiving huge media coverage and Kenyan newspapers say they are receiving lots of offers from people wanting to adopt her. Kenyatta Hospital staff say members of the public have begun donating baby clothes and nappies.

The dog had no name but is now being called Mkombozi, or Saviour, and is being cared for by the Kenyan Society for the Protection of Animals, the Daily Nation reports.

Angel will be taken to a children’s home after she is fully recovered and then put up for adoption in the usual way, say officials.





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