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Truck carrying bizarre cargo of four giraffes winds its way through African savannah

Published on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 by

A four-headed giraffe was spotted in central Kenya today, sparking rumours there may be many more of the incredible beasts roaming the savannah.

We might be sticking our own necks out a bit here, but the bizarre creature was photographed having hitched a ride on the back of a flatbed truck on its way to the capital Nairobi.

The animal, or possibly animals, were on their way to the Giraffe Manor Hotel which is also home to a large family of warthogs, exotic birds and the elusive bush buck.


Heads up lads: The four-headed giraffe hitches a ride on a truck to the Kenyan Capital Nairobi

They were forced to dip and dive to avoid getting tangled in telephone cables during the bumpy journey.

The animals look surprisingly relaxed as they watched workers clear the way for them and were happy to pluck a few tasty leaves from trees as they passed by.

‘There are ten Giraffes currently at the manor,’ says founder and managing director of Giraffe Manor, Julia Perowne.

‘The giraffes come for breakfast and then appear sporadically throughout the day and in the evening.’


Pit stop: The animals enjoyed chomping a few leaves off trees they passed by


Tangle: A worker clears cables out of the animal’s  path as they made their way to their new home

‘They eat the horse pellets that we leave out for them, but anything they can get their hands on they seem to enjoy.’

Built in 1932, the popular manor has been visited by the likes of Mick Jagger, Richard Branson, Walter Cronkite, Richard Chamberlain, and Ewan McGregor .

Julia added: ‘The guests at the manor absolutely love the giraffes.

‘They are so interactive and visit every room except one, and especially love the kitchen.

‘It is obviously very important to remember that they are wild animals and ultimately do what they want to do, and they could all easily be released back into the wild.


Destination: The animals were on their way to the Giraffe Manor Hotel where they are given free rein

‘Because of this, we would never dream of making them do something they clearly weren’t happy with.’

Shortly after purchasing the Manor, the owners learned that the only remaining Rothschild giraffes in Kenya were in danger.

Since the Manor was already home to three wild bull giraffes, named – Tom, Dick and Harry – they agreed they would take in one of the giraffes themselves, Daisy.

Soon after this Daisy was joined by another baby giraffe, Marlon, and since then the Manor has run a breeding programme to reintroduce the Rothschild giraffe into the wild.





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