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Woman finds kitten freezing in the snow

Published on Friday, February 4, 2011 by

A two-month-old kitten was found meowing, starving and freezing to death along the side of a road near Cleveland, Oklahoma during the height of a record-breaking snow storm that hit the state on Tuesday.

Natasha Schroeder was driving to help her cousin whose car had gotten stuck in the 8” of snow that fell in the area, when she looked over and noticed something move.

She pulled over, got out of her vehicle and heard a “horrible meowing sound.” It was a little kitten burrowed in the snow off Pawnee Street Tuesday afternoon.

“It was shaking uncontrollably,” said Schroeder. “He could barely hold his head up.”

Hunkered down with snowflakes covering his head and face, no collar, and cracked and bleeding paws, Schroeder picked him up and wrapped him in a Care Bears blanket.

Schroeder believes the kitten had been dumped.

She was afraid he wouldn’t live.  So, instead of taking it home to her children she took him to Pound Pals and Lee Merrifield.

Pound Pals is an effort in Cleveland to make residents aware of pet adoption.

Merrifield put him in a cat carrier with a towel to keep warm. “This cat was just dying out there,” she said.

Later, Merrifield noticed he was “up and around” walking in the crate, so she grabbed some canned cat food and fed him. She says he ate up two spoonfuls really quickly.

Merrifield and Schroeder decided the little guy should be named Blizzard.

Soon thereafter, he started walking and looking around the house – and then made himself at home. The family’s dog didn’t even faze him.

Merrifield said his back foot is injured, and she plans on having a doctor check it out.  For now, she says he’s in good shape and that she didn’t want to stress him out by investigating it further.


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